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Led by Director, Nikki Gamble, Just Imagine’s education consultants support school improvement and development in the areas of literacy and creative education.

To find out more about 4XR training or our Reading Gladiators programme, please get in touch.



Caroline Bradley heads up Just Imagine’s school library services. Whether you need an audit, stock selection, or training for staff and pupil librarians, Caroline will be pleased to advise.

Book Supply

Just Imagine’s specialist school book supply services include an on-line bookstore with curated collections for the classroom and school library. Our book supply advisers are knowledgeable about Book Banding and Accelerated Reader. They can also help you with bespoke orders to meet your specific requirements. Visit the on-line bookstore.


Working in partnership with schools to develop life-long readers and writers.

Many of the resources that we create are free to use.

If you have a great new literacy project in mind, we would love to work with you.

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