Just Imagine

Q&A with Will Mabbitt

Just Imagine: You’ve moved from pirates with Mabel Jones to ghosts with your new series Embassy of the Dead! Can you tell us where your inspiration for the new series came from? Have you already planned the three books in your head?

Will Mabbitt: The inspiration from the book comes from my childhood. I was obsessed with death, and what happens to people when they die. The Embassy of the Dead is me having a go at creating my own spirit world and then spending loads of time working out how it could all go badly wrong. Mostly. I like to have a basic idea of what’s going to happen during a story before I write it. And I spend ages planning out the world I am writing in. Quite often though, the story changes as I write. Sometimes new ideas present themselves and they are too tempting to resist!


JI: Could you give us a few details about your new main character Jake in Embassy of the Dead?

WM: Jake thinks he’s really ordinary and in a lot of ways he is. He’s a gamer, he’s obsessed with his mobile phone, and he’s struggling to get on with his parents. There’s just one tiny thing. He can also see ghosts!


JI: We’ve read that you can write anywhere & everywhere! Where is the strangest place you have written?

WM: I am writing this answer in a graveyard.


JI: You’ve also published three picture books for younger readers, including one with your own illustrations. Have you enjoyed working on these & do you plan to do more picture books (with or without your own pictures!)?

WM: YES. I love picture books. And I loved drawing the pictures for my own book. Writing picture books is really hard for me, though.


JI: Finally, for all of us Mabel Jones fans, will we be hearing from her again anytime in the near future?

WM: Yes!


JI: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

WM: No problem!