Book Reviews / Age 6+

20th September 2023

Isabel and the Invisible World

A beautifully illustrated book about a little girl who wants nothing for her birthday except the ability to see invisible things.  The story opens the way for beginning to learn about the hidden world

23rd April 2024

King Charles

The life story, thus far, of our new King, Charles in the Little People, Big Dreams series of books.

27th July 2023

Let’s Build a Dam!

A beautifully illustrated picture book that follows the exciting imaginations and charming fun of three siblings as they collaborate to construct a dam together.

25th May 2023

Malola’s Museum Adventures

Discover more about pioneering women through the eyes of Malola and her museum guide!

28th January 2024

Marv and the Dino Attack

Marv the Superhero whose trusty sidekick is a robot named Pixel and together, they save Marvin’s classmates from supervillain, Rex who has brought the dinosaur skeletons to life.

16th April 2024

Marv and the Killer Plants

Super hero, Marv, wants to win the school garden competition, but super villain, Violet Vine has other ideas and turns all the plants across the school into big, hungry, human-eating monstrosities.

28th April 2024

Max and Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island

Max travels to Animal Island where he meets new friends and together they search for Chaffy's home, visiting friends and solving puzzles in this colourful and interactive graphic no

20th November 2023

Midnight Magic: Mirror Mischief

It’s boisterous and fun, a story old entirely in rhyming verse with short chapters and plentiful illustrations.

17th February 2024

Mouse and Mole – Boo to the Who

Boo to the Who is the latest in a series of witty and humorous books about good friends Mole and Mouse.

27th March 2024

Moving the Millers’ Minnie Moore Mine Mansion

The true story of how Annie Miller moved her whole house four miles down the road.

15th July 2023

My Friend Loonie

A heartfelt story that explores loss, sadness, grief and closure.

23rd April 2024

Nature’s Fascinating Friendships

A fascinating insight into the natural world and its relationships in many different ways.