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A Bird Day

Authored by Eva Lindstrom, translated by Julia Marshall
Illustrated by Eva Lindstrom
Published by Gecko Press

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A Bird Day is a small tale about two birds, Lena and her brother Bo.

It is eye catching from the beginning. The palette is very pastel, echoing autumnal colours. The production and feel of the book is beautiful, extremely tactile. It’s amazing how nice quality paper can enhance the story.

The story follows these two bird siblings on a typical day. It encourages the reader to imagine life as a bird. They start by playing a game of chicken (worryingly). They know this is wrong and that they should not be doing this and their parents reiterate this. Home life involves all the same routines we as humans follow albeit more relevant to the birds, wash your beak before lunch as opposed to hands, bickering over food choices, wanting to get back out to play. I imagine young children would really enjoy the food section. Catching mosquito’s then frying, having to resort to flies and worms (AGAIN) when they don’t catch enough mosquito.

It is a very quirky read but I can see children in early years really enjoying the ‘whimsical’ nature of it. The text is short and very clear on each spread. The use of pastel shades is very appealing. I liked the slightly smudgy illustrations and the way the birds’ characters were revealed. I particularly liked the double page spread where Bo becomes scared. The movement from the wind on the page is amazing. Lena has to reassure him all is well and that it was a joke! Bo just wants to go home.

This would be a great class read for nursery and reception as lots of discussion points could be raised, not least the dangerous games the birds embark on. I imagine lots of oohs and ahhs over the mealtime pages.