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A small boy dreaming…..big

Authored by Sav Akyüz
Illustrated by Sav Akyüz
Published by Oxford University Press

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A small boy dreaming Big, charts the dreams of a small boy who wishes to be bigger. Bigger so that he can ride a big bike just like his sibling and join others on the fairground rides. If only he was bigger he would be able to do so much! He would be able to score those winning hoops in the local park. The things he could achieve if only he was a little bigger.

As he is tucked into bed one evening, this small boy wishes and dreams big! What if dreams were to come true?

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells many stories. Stories of being as big as an older brother or sister, of outings to the park, of a child journeying through a town, ocean and even the universe.

The reader or viewer of each illustration (there are few words on each page) is led on a journey of imaginary considerations. What if you were to be as big as your brother or as big as a skyscraper? When is big too big?

A small boy dreaming……Big is perfect for key stage 1 classrooms and could also be used as a writing stimulus for young children to consider their own wishes and dreams.