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Adventuremice: Mermouse Mystery

Authored by Philip Reeve
Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre
Published by David Fickling Books

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‘Message from Big Island! The sea wall at Mousehaven is about to collapse!’

From the very first page of Mermouse Mystery, readers are launched into the risky business of emergency rescue. The Adventuremice are attempting to save anyone in danger from a tempestuous storm at sea. So dangerous was the storm that, by page five, there were only two rescuers left at Mousebase; Pedro, the youngest and smallest of the team, and Juniper, who was in bed catching up on her sleep. It was not long before both of them were engaged in a hazardous quest involving a lost baby Mermouse.

What a joy to see a an Adventuremice title in my pile of review books for Just Imagine. Already well loved by aficionados of Reeve & McIntyre’s work, book is packed with incident, excitement and under water surprises.

I wish that I had had this series in my classroom to support the literacy curriculum. It offers so much that would engage young readers, starting with a text that reads aloud magnificently (especially with a dramatic use of voices) whilst the images zing off each page.

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