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All Bodies Are Wonderful: An Inclusive Guide for Talking About You

Authored by Beth Cox
Illustrated by Samantha Meredith
Published by b small publishing limited

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All Bodies Are Wonderful: An Inclusive Guide for Talking About You will help to build understanding and acceptance in children. Walking the reader through stardust, atoms, DNA and visible differences, it is highly informative and entirely fascinating.

With so much of society focused on accepting differences, it can actually be tricky to learn about the science or history behind things for fear of upsetting someone or asking the wrong question. We are perhaps needing more books that normalise the gender, pronouns and terminology associated with being who you want to be.

I loved how this book also showed children with varying visible differences and explained about their various situations and how they have made adaptations to their lifestyles to accommodate their differences. It will provide confidence in children from 7 years upwards who have differences and compassion in everyone.

Offering support and sign posting is something else this book does well, encouraging children to talk to a trusted adult if they are struggling or have questions. The colourful illustrations make this a joy to browse through and in its typically nonfiction format, you can dip in and out as needed or wanted. The handy glossary at the back will help to clarify some of the more scientific vocabulary as you read.

Selected for Empathy Lab 2024 Collection