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All the Wonderful Ways to Read

Authored by Laura Baker
Illustrated by Sandra de la Prada
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

All the Wonderful Ways to Read: This wonderful picture book is a true celebration of what it is to be a reader and will appeal to our youngest children.

As we go through the book, we see many different ways that we can read: be it fiction or fact, books or magazines, comics, poetry or even labels, all are celebrated and validated. Those children who have not previously seen themselves in books may well see themselves as readers, in the form that they like to read, and this could well lead to enhanced self-esteem and positivity. The book has such a celebratory tone and is full of hope and promise, ‘a world full of magic, and things you can be‘ is a quote I especially love. It allows children to see the potential in books and stories and the places it can take us.

The illustrations are perfect accompaniment for the text. The personification of the animals used is witty and will engage readers. The easily recognisable animals create a safe and welcoming atmosphere and there is so much to scour on each spread that the conversation and discussion is likely to be rich and rewarding.

Whilst reading can be a solitary activity we are made to feel like we are part of a club and that reading unites. It also allows the children to think of themselves as authors and illustrators of the future or in fact anything they choose to be as the text says, ‘power to go anywhere‘ and ‘what you might become‘.

A beautiful book that I have shared with my Year 1 class who engaged eagerly with both the text and the illustrations and it generated rich language and fantastic book talk.  A book to share again and again at home, in early years and throughout KS1. A real joy to share.