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Am I Made of Stardust?

Authored by Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
Illustrated by Chelen Ecija
Published by Weldon Owen Children's Books

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Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock uses her cheerful, accessible style to answers the sorts of questions that children, and many adults, ask about Space.

At the start of Am I Made of Stardust? Dr. Maggie Aderin introduces herself as a space scientist and explains the lay out of her colourful, informative nonfiction text on Space. She answers a varied range of questions that children have posed such as: Are there rainbows on other planets? or Could animals come to live with us on planets?

The page lay outs are clear and fun. Chelen Ecija’s illustrations bring the information to life. There are interesting photographs and clearly presented diagrams. The book starts with ‘the big stuff’ – black holes and the Big Bang. It continues with a section on the Solar System and then looks at human space exploration and what the future might hold. The information is current. There are activities to try at home or in school.

This is a well-designed nonfiction text and deserves a place in all libraries. Children and teachers will find it an asset when studying this topic. Index, Content and Glossary are all very clearly presented and each double page spread is attractive and intriguing. It is more suited to KS2 readers. Children would enjoy looking at pages together and discussing the questions. It is the sort of book a child can read alone with great enthusiasm.

This field of science is ever changing and it is good to see such a book on the market. Dr. Maggie has an enthusiastic and approachable style which she encompasses in this book.