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Amazing Expeditions

Authored by Anita Ganeri
Illustrated by Michael Mullen
Published by Ivy Kids

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Amazing Expeditions: Journeys that Changed the World takes us around the globe to explore 20 different kinds of journeys that have been undertaken throughout history and introduces 22 extraordinary explorers.

The book is pleasingly organised from earliest to most recent, starting at the 6th century BCE through to the 20th century. It is also very diverse in the range of explorers and adventurers that it includes. It includes explorers who headed into the unknown to discover new lands, new treasures, new scientific discoveries. Also told are stories of people who were setting out to achieve something that had never been achieved before: the first moon landing, the first person to reach the North Pole; the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Each page is attractively set out as a numbered journey around the page, each with a map and a key to show the route taken. Each double spread is full of wonderful illustrations and incredibly well-researched information, so you can visualise and understand the lengths that each explorer has had to endure throughout their journey. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss themes in the book: achieving a goal, endurance, being the first person to see, find or complete something, the aspect of failure that was the case in some journeys and the terrible consequences of some of the expeditions. For anyone interested in facts around history, geography and science Amazing Expeditions delivers, as it is a thrilling voyage over oceans, deserts and mountains, through jungles, ice and cities, and even into space. For teachers, this is a very versatile and useful book for many different topics too.

Anita Ganeri has also written a collection of Star Stories around the world.