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Aqua Boy

Authored by Ken Wilson-Max
Illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max
Published by Otter-Barry Books Ltd

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Aaron lives with his parents and sister Angel near the sea. His father and mother are ocean guardians whose job is to look after the sea and the beach and he and Angel love their sea-side life. But at the moment Aaron is frightened of putting his head under the water. His Mum reassures him that it’ll happen one day and this story tells how he came to swim underwater.

After a storm the beach is strewn with litter and as they pick it up, Aaron and Angel vow to find a way to clean up the oceans. But there’s not just litter on the beach: an octopus has become stranded and as Dad helps it back into the ocean, the octopus looks at Aaron – and Aaron looks back at the octopus. Enthralled, he follows the creature back into the sea, and before he knows it, he has put on his goggles and dipped into the sea to watch his new friend swim away, the first undersea adventure of many.

With his trademark strongly defined images, Ken Wilson-Max has created another story about children fulfilling their dreams, as well as drawing attention to how the natural world should be respected and cared for. With information pages at the end and a web link to, an advocacy organisation for ocean conservation, this gentle story introduces readers from 3 years upwards to the importance of looking after the oceans and the joys that the seas offer.