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Artezans: The Forgotten Magic

Authored by L.D.Lapinski
Published by Hachette Children's Group

In an exciting and thrilling new adventure, twins Edward and Elodie learn to manage and use their newly discovered magic skills with thrilling consequences.

Twins Edward and Elodie are ‘Artezans’, people who can command magic. As they turn eleven, they discover their own, unique magic skill. To begin with their skills, seem unclear and Edward is jealous that his sister seems to be more popular and favoured. Edward is also bullied by the angry and unpleasant Gregory Poppley. Once Edward realises that he can command dreams he begins to torment Gregory with nightmares. Elodie and Edward are part of a family with an extensive magical heritage but slowly the magic in the world is becoming weaker. They learn that they have great skills and the possible ability to return magic to our world.

L.D. Lapinski has created engaging characters and an exciting journey that is only beginning in The Forgotten Magic. This will be the first in a series that will see the twins face challenges on their quest to find the forgotten magic. They are supported by a range of very real members of their community. Their fathers are loving, talented and resourceful. Their friends are interesting and also learning about their own magic skills. The story touches on many pertinent themes such as co-operation, revenge, kindness, family love, loyalty to name a few. There are many opportunities for children to read the adventure and discuss the events. This would be a great book for discussion groups  for upper Key Stage 2 and to seek opinions.

The Forgotten Magic is an eloquent story to read. There are vivid descriptions of places and events and the story is firmly rooted in its Scottish setting. Readers will be enthralled by the atmospheres created in the various locations and by the pace of the adventure itself. On finishing this book children will be eagerly awaiting the sequel.