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Astro Girl

Authored by Ken Wilson-Max
Illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max
Published by Otter-Barry Books

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Astro Girl is a diverse and aspirational picturebook, radiating positivity and parental love.

Astrid adores space. She’s convinced that one day she will be an astronaut, the reader finds her gazing at the sky through a telescope. Astrid learns all about the things she’ll need to be good at, and it ends with a touching moment when the whole family is brought together.

Author/illustrator Ken Wilson-Max writes from the heart. There’s a powerful message about pursuing dreams, and Astrid shows determination in her goal. What a great trait in an early years character! On the first page, we see how much she loves science; her room filled with STEM-related objects and a shooting star bedspread I’m particularly envious of.

Another message this book sends, especially to girls, is to get excited in space. And while Astrid learns, so does the reader. Information, the author, drips in through dad as he interacts with his daughter doing everyday things. 

The non-fiction element doesn’t stop there. Teachers will be able to delve deeper into discussion using the facts on the last two pages. All the elements of this book will be sure to get Early Years children excited. Astro Girl is a great read aloud to the class for those looking for a bit more to discuss.