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At This Very Moment

Authored by Matthew Hodson
Illustrated by Matthew Hodson
Published by Cicada

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At this very moment is a stunning picture book that transports the reader to various activities happening in nature, at this very moment. The book presents a collection of charming images coupled with beautiful prose all inviting the reader to connect to the right here and the right now.

“At this very moment there’s a mouse. There’s a small mouse waking up in the early morning sun.”

At this very moment, the world can benefit from moments of stillness and observation. Recoupling with nature and all its benefits is a sure-fire way to exercise mindfulness and to be in the present. Again, opportunities that benefit both adults and children alike. 

Matthew Hudson has created something quite unique for a class library. A book that, by its very nature, is a chance to be still, connect and relax. I love the idea of children opening this book and letting the emotions of absorbing the statements sink in. The muted, pastel palette Hodson has used for the images accentuates the theme of observing and appreciating the gentleness of nature. The natural tones and soft lines add to the settling experience of escaping into this text. 

On a teaching and learning note, this is also a great text to support lesson design in science or geography. A beautiful text which could really stimulate inquiry around our planet. Further, there is ample opportunity here to explore the theme of climate change and looking after our planet. Again, a very timely opportunity.

Saying this, there is something calming about shifting focus from the heightened emotions or fears and anxieties young readers could be feeling in this current climate, to remembering all the other events taking place, at this moment, on our planet. An absolute must for any early years and key stage one setting. I have to say, however, this is a gift that must also be given to older children. It’s definitely calmed this adult who has found herself getting a little troubled in a turbulent time.