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Beware the Blue Bagoo

Authored by Karl Newsom
Illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier
Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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Beware the Blue Bagoo:

Rumours abound about the Blue Bagoo and its terrible deeds: from squashing parrots and snuffling hats to making grandmas into stew, everyone in town has an opinion. But one young detective is determined to get to the truth!

Beware the Blue Bagoo is an enjoyable picture book about what happens when rumours are allowed to spread unchecked. Without giving too much away, there turns out to be a little more to the tale of the Blue Bagoo to it than people think!

Vivid illustrations and a lively rhyming story make this a lovely book to read aloud to a Reception or KS1 class, and it will certainly lead to some fascinating discussion around how rumours grow and change and how we shouldn’t believe everything we hear.