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Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss

Authored by Joseph Coelho
Illustrated by Nicola Killen
Published by Andersen Press

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There is a lovely diversity to the selection of poems in Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss. Poems on family life, dealing with emotions and having fun, invite participation and are supported by Nicola Killen’s charming illustrations.

Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss is an attractively presented selection of poetry written by our current Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coelho. Poems on experiences familiar to young children are presented alongside thoughtful and reflective poems that discuss a wide range of emotions. The book is divided into sections: In All About Me, Out and About and At Home the children can enjoy the familiarity of poems on themes such as: faces, the weather and playing. In What Do I Feel? emotions of anger, sadness and having mixed feelings are gently presented. The poems invite participation through repetition, actions and descriptions. They are thoughtfully composed for sharing with children. In My Favourite Food the readers are invited to join in with the onomatopoeic sounds of the foods!

Nicola Killen’s illustrations perfectly compliment the poems. They are diverse, colourful and fun. Children will enjoy spending time looking at these as they read or hear the poems. Some of the poems, especially in the What do I Feel? section, are reflective and invite empathy and discussion. Poems such as Anger and The Blues present complicated emotions and give the child and reader opportunities to share feelings.

This poetry book would be an asset to any school, library or home. The wide variety of themes included means that there will be a poem to suit many an occasion. It is a book that can be shared with young children and read by developing readers. Children can join in with actions, sounds, counting and repetition, making it a book that children will want to return to. It also offers a valuable forum for discussions on the confusions children can feel with their emotions.