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Can You Share, Little Whale?

Authored by Jonny Lambert
Illustrated by Jonny Lambert
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

Can You Share Little Whale? is an colourful, eye-catching story about a little blue whale who is slowly developing independence but at first struggles to share. As she travels through the ocean, she meets friendly characters who help her along the way.

Little Whale who swims in the ocean with her mother. She is beginning to experience independence, swimming away from her mother’s protection, looking for fish and reef creatures to eat. However, she becomes jealous and angry when her friend Blue joins in and when gannets and turtles are also eating the food she wants. She begins to realise that there is enough food for everyone. She wants to share food with Blue but does not like it when she sees Blue snuggling up to her Mum.

Jonny Lambert has written and illustrated this book. His illustrations are lovely. The colours of the ocean shine through them and the details of the coral reef are delicate and intriguing. He presents an authentic vision of the ocean and its inhabitants. Children will enjoy studying the images and learning about life in the ocean. The text is accessible to young readers and leads the reader through the journey of Little Whale. The theme of sharing is gently reinforced throughout. Variations in font draw attention to onomatopoeic vocabulary which the children will recognise and can participate with in repeated readings.

This is a charming book to share with young children. It is a book that children will return to and enjoy studying the illustrations whilst revisiting the text. The strong themes of kindness and sharing can be used to promote discussion and model good behaviour. It is a story that would make a welcome addition to school libraries and become part of a sea-based topic. It could also be part of collections looking at the environment and protection of the sea. Many children will enjoy reading this story.