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Cat Eyes and Dog Whistles

Authored by Cathy Evans
Illustrated by Becky Thorns
Published by Cicada Books

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Cat Eyes and Dog Whistles is a journey through the senses Рthe five we all know, as well as proprioception and the vestibular system Рexplaining each from a scientific point of view, how it affects us as humans, and how other animals use the same senses in order to survive.

The organisation of the book is excellent. We can dip in and out of each sense with ease, and the biological side of things is explained clearly, but not watered down. Children reading this book will gain scientific knowledge, the associated vocabulary (with many trickier words broken down phonetically too), and, hopefully, a deeper understanding of how and why our bodies work in the ways they do.

Detailed, clear illustrations help readers to further understand the complex workings of the retina, the ear, touch receptors and much more. A minor but important footnote to a non-fiction science book is the diverse and representative choices in the illustrations – all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities are visible throughout the book.

While the science is clear and accurate, there is also room for gentle humour, as we explore ear wax, distinctive smells, and dizziness, and the sections on animals and their senses are informative and entertaining in equal measure.

Overall, Cat Eyes and Dog Whistles ticks a huge range of boxes for teachers, readers and learners alike, and would be an excellent addition to any Key Stage 2 classroom to support the science curriculum.