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Circus Maximus: Rider of the Storm

Authored by Annelise Grey
Published by Zephyr

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Circus Maximus: Rider of the Storm: Riders of the Storm is the third book in the Circus Maximus series by Annelise Grey.

The book catches up with Dido, the protagonist from the other books in the series, as she comes to terms with leaving the racing track and staying at home (she is too old to pretend to be a boy now). Dido misses being a charioteer but seems resigned to her new life and throws herself into her work as a horse trainer. That is until a wild and temperamental stallion arrives and the adventure begins.

The author, Annelise Gray, has previously written novels set in the Roman Empire and she has put her knowledge to good use in this book. The buildings, the settings, the characters and the journeys they go on are described so beautifully that you are transported back in time. I enjoyed the appearance of some real historical characters too (Caligula was a real Roman emperor and his wife was Milonia).

There are a lot of characters in this book and I admit to feeling a little overwhelmed when I saw the cast at the beginning. However, persevere, as this is a wide ride of a tale that will leave you raging at the evil emperor Caligula and cheering on Dido.

This is suitable for independent readers of 10+ and would also make a great class read, particularly for any classes studying Roman history.