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Clean Up!

Authored by Nathan Bryon
Illustrated by Dapo Adeola
Published by Penguin Random House UK

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Clean Up! sees a most welcome return of the delightfully passionate Rocket. She is a fantastic role model, just like Greta Thunberg. Throughout the book, you experience Rocket’s excitement for her family, the environment and her quest for knowledge. Whilst visiting her grandparents in Jamaica, she embarks on an environmental mission to tidy up the beach near to her grandparent’s animal sanctuary.

Nathan Bryon’s latest picture book is a real triumph, which once again challenges stereotypes and celebrates biodiversity. Whilst highlighting the plight of the planet and the damage humans are causing with their carelessness.

I really enjoy the nonfiction, ‘did you know?’, element of Bryon’s picture books. Before reading this book, I had no knowledge of Imani Wilmot. Imani created the first female surf competition in Jamaica. This is one of the many fabulous facts, which can be found throughout the book.

Clean Up! book promotes community and collective responsibility for our natural environment and is suitable for all ages. For older children it could be used to introduce young activists, such as those found in Climate Rebels. Individually, we can lead by example and dispose of our rubbish responsibly. However, together, just like Rocket and her friends, we can transform areas back to their state of natural beauty. Everybody can help the planet and those who live on it, human, animal and plant.

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