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Courage in a Poem

Published by Little Tiger Press

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With its striking yellow cover featuring a cut-out figure, this is an inviting collection of poetry  in a picture book format. The writing celebrates courage and empowerment with a wide range of renowned, international contemporary voices, featuring original poems alongside existing works. The introduction explains the ethos behind the collection: ‘One way to empower someone is to give them the courage to be confident, strong and free’.

Poems such as My Sari by Debjani Chatterjee and Victoria Adukwei Bulley’s Afro Hair Haiku are about embracing and celebrating culture and heritage. Other themes which are explored include finding a voice, body positivity, discovering potential and being true to yourself.

Words have power of all kinds: persuading, informing, labelling, imagining and, as envisaged by Nikki Grimes in Getting Started, setting you free. The word ‘fly’ helps the protagonist of the poem to daydream an escape from parental arguments, as they wonder ‘Are there other words/that can carry me away?’  This collection is full of words to help young readers do just that and for teachers to help them explore the themes covered.

Four artists have illustrated the book in a variety of styles which complement each other, with bold colours and stylised images, making a cohesive whole. Biographies and photographs of the poets and illustrators featured are included at the back of the book, enabling the reader to connect with the creators.

Empathy Collection 2023

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