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Daddy Do My Hair Beth’s Twists

Authored by Tolá Okogwu
Illustrated by Chanté Timothy
Published by Simon and Schuster

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This is an absolute joy of a story. The author speaks in her biography at the back about wanting to create books that give children an opportunity to read books that reflect their lives and cultures. As a hair care educator, Tolá wants to share her expertise with young women around the world. This book is a brilliant celebration of both representation and education.

Beth skips to the sofa for her special time with her Dad, who has taken the time and care to learn how to treat and style her hair. He knows to dampen the hair before he adds the oils. He knows to comb and part it gently so it doesn’t hurt Beth. He knows just how to style her Afro-textured hair so it maintains its shape and style overnight. It is wonderful to see a father so positively represented in this way. There are few books where the Dad takes on this role and it is joyous and special.

Every year for school picture day, Beth requests a special style. One year was braids, another was bunches with a bow. This year, it is twists and as you read you can see the care that Dad takes to get it just right.

This rhyming tale celebrates the special bond between Beth and her Dad but also the versatility of Afro-textured hair. The range of styles is beautiful and the joy in which Beth sits proudly for her photo is infectious for the reader.

A wonderful story to read aloud, to early years and KS1, perhaps as school picture day nears, or just as a story to share and show diversity in new and wondrous ways.