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Darwin’s Super-Pooping Worm Spectacular

Authored by Polly Owen
Illustrated by Gwen Millward
Published by Wide Eyed Editions

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Although contender for the best book title of the year, I’m going shorten it to Super-Pooping for the review. It’s a long title, but super-pooping is also very fun to say! And it’s a massively fun book.

Super-Pooping introduces readers to Charles Darwin. But, not for what he’s most famous for. Rather his obsession for worms. The narrative tells us his mission: to prove to the world that these enigmatic creatures aren’t pests. However, he needed to discover something special about them to convince the scientific community.

After a series of experiments, which lead to many interesting discoveries, he was still perplexed as to their importance. ‘Maybe worms weren’t special?’. Fear not, he then uncovers what their superpower actually is. Showing everyone how ‘important it was to learn from the world around us’.

This is such a fun picture book. It’s bright and friendly with oodles of humour in the illustrations. My favourite is Darwin jumping out at some worms. BOO! The main narrative is supplemented by extra information on Darwin’s experiments and worm biology. Scientific vocabulary fits in nicely too.

Don’t just think this is a book about worms though. It’s a wonderful example of the scientific process. Coming up with ideas and then testing them. Even when you might not get the results you want, you have still discovered something. Super-Pooping is a multi-use text which is hugely entertaining and interesting.

I didn’t know Darwin’s passion for worms extended to forty years! Or even how his published research initially outsold On the Origin of Species. There are some super worm facts and the future of worms at the back, as well as a list of references. This is something I always look for in a nonfiction book for children. KS1 and LKS2 will find this useful, but really anyone will find it a joy.