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Detective Catz and the Missing Nut

Authored by Marjoke Henrichs
Illustrated by Marjoke Henrichs
Published by Scallywag Press

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Detective Catz is not really a detective – at least, not yet. He does love playing detective though, dressing up, hunting for clues, and making himself invisible. So, one day, when his friend Flossy the squirrel knocks on his door feeling sad about her missing nut, he sees his chance. He can be a detective after all.

Off he goes, exploring his local surroundings and searching for clues. Sadly, he doesn’t find a nut, but does find Mousey’s doll. Onwards…but still no nut. The pattern continues, which is a lovely way in for children to follow a story and no doubt enjoy repeat reads.

Ultimately – and apologies for the spoiler here – Catz does not find the missing nut. He feels a failure and is understandably sad about it. But his friends rally around, thanking him for finding their missing items, and he realises that his effort and kindness has helped more people than he first thought.

Marjoke Henrichs’ illustrations are bright and bold, and clearly show the emotions of Catz as he goes about his detective hunt, which would support early readers as they make meaning of the text story. Aimed at pre-school, early years, or Year 1 children, Catz is a character who shows the youthful innocence that children of that age show. He feels he can do anything, so goes out and tries. Sometimes, things don’t always work out, which can be a steep learning curve for all of us, let alone children, but Detective Catz and the Missing Nut would allow an insight into gentle encouragement and doing things out of kindness.