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Diamond Jack: Your Magic or Your Life

Authored by Anna Rainbow
Published by Chicken House Ltd

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Bramble and her sister, Lena, find themselves in the care of their grandfather after the loss of their parents. Together, they assist him in running his intriguing establishment, Mr. Browning’s Emporium of Strange and Magical Things. When left in charge, Bramble and her close friend, Ernest, make a remarkable discovery in the forbidden shed at the garden’s edge: a concealed box containing a captivating red highwayman’s mask. Curiosity gets the better of Bramble, leading her to try it on, only to find herself unable to remove it. As events unfold, Bramble realizes that the mask holds extraordinary powers, transforming her into the legendary highwayman, Diamond Jack, thrusting her into a whirlwind mission brimming with action, adventure, and magic.

Diamond Jack is an exhilarating and magical tale that captivates from start to finish. The narrative drives forward with pace, offering plenty of doses of excitement and intrigue. Bramble emerges as a compelling protagonist, navigating unexpected challenges with courage and resilience. Her bond with Ernest adds depth to the story, portraying a friendship that feels authentic and heart-warming.

Humour weaves its way throughout the narrative, appealing to both young readers and adults alike. Clever references, such as Mrs. Kipling’s cake-making prowess (though younger readers may not grasp this without some support), add charm and levity to the tale. Yet as well as the laughter lies a wealth of topics ripe for discussion. From exploring connections to legendary figures like Robin Hood to delving into the history of real-life highwaymen, the story invites readers to ponder themes of identity and familial secrets. It is a robust, rip-roaring adventure suitable for a class read aloud or for the able reader to explore independently.

At its core, Diamond Jack offers a thrilling adventure for upper KS2 readers, packed with the promise of further adventures yet to unfold.