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Do Bears Poop in the Woods?

Authored by Huw Lewis Jones
Illustrated by Sam Caldwell
Published by Thames and Hudson

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Do Bears Poop in the Woods?: Do you think you know everything there is to know about bears? Well think again! Do Bears Poop in the Woods? is a fabulous non-fiction book that will be devoured by many children from Y1 to Y3.  It takes you on an expedition to find out everything there is to know about bears. The book is cleverly constructed through the eyes of Huw and Sam as the ‘guide’ and the artist’.  It has all the features of a grown-up non-fiction book with contents pages, chapters and an index. The use of the guide means there is almost a narrative style to it cleverly linking the chapters together. The illustrative style is rich and yet un-cluttered and ensures it can reflect the diversity of the audience.

Do Bears Poop in the Woods will provide the perfect support for any bear themed topic in Key Stage 1. It also has enough challenge to ensure older pupils will also find it an engaging read. Even at the tender age of 55+ I learnt so much about bears. Throughout the book, there are opportunities to make links with writing opportunities such as the field notes. There are so many opportunities to make links with other texts, for example, they draw on classic tales such as Goldilocks to make links between fiction and reality. The book introduces children to some fascinating facts about bears. Who knew there is actually a blue, black bear and that scientists call poo, scat? I think this book has the potential to become a new classic and a staple of any primary classroom.