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Dragon Daughter

Authored by Liz Flanagan
Published by David Fickling Books

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Dragon Daughter focuses on main character Milla, a servant to a well-respected family on the island of Arcosi. After she sees a mysterious stranger murdered, she becomes embroiled in a complex, but never confusing, story of power and politics.

A fiery fantasy of family, friendship and freedom… Oh! And dragons.

What I admire most about Dragon Daughter are all the contributing elements that make up this story. Themes of friendship, politics and family all treated equally, which is one of the reasons you’ll whip so through the pages.

The book’s cast of characters is equally varied. Milla is a valiant protagonist, whose development is a joy. But all the characters deserve to be written about, especially the villain, whose grip on Arcosi tightens as the plot develops.

Liz Flanagan also does a great job of world-building. Arcosi is a spectacular setting with a rich history. This helps create the book’s central themes of immigration, integration and the rights of indigenous people.

This book would be great in any school or class library. It also has the potential for some quality, in-depth book talk.

And if that’s not enough… there are DRAGONS!

|Children who like this book may also like Nizrana Farook’s  The Girl Who Stole An Elephant and Arcosi is the ideal place to fly to after finishing the How to Train Your Dragon series.