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Drastic Plastic and Troublesome Trash

Authored by Hannah Wilson
Published by Carlton Books


Drastic Plastic and Troublesome Trash by Hannah Wilson is full of information that encourages us to think twice before we buy something new and gives us all the facts about packaging to invite us to question the need for it.

It tells us where all our rubbish goes and suggestions of how we can keep it under control, to enable us to be active in supporting our planet. In fact, it pretty much explains everything you need to know about rubbish, recycling and upcycling of plastic, glass, paper, metal, cloth and food.

There is a chapter dedicated to each material. The content drills below the surface level of what you can do in your own home, looking at the global challenges of manufacturing and distribution.

I consider myself to be someone who knows quite a lot about this issue, and this has book taught me a lot I didn’t know.

There are lots of labelled diagrams to support the facts and help to explain the processes each material goes through and photographs too, which makes it a very empowering read. I liked the way the book is also interactive, with each chapter having Totally True or Foolishly False facts for you to discuss and decide upon with the answers in the back of the book. There is also an element of creativity in this book, as each chapter offers useful and creative ways to re-use products, rather than putting them in the bin and sending them to landfill.

I think teachers will find Drastic Plastic and Troublesome Trash an incredibly useful book for any topic that looks at recycling and taking care of the planet.