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Earth’s Incredible Places: Everest

Authored by Sangma Francis
Illustrated by Lisk Feng
Published by Flying Eye Books

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Earth’s Incredible Places: Everest is packed full of facts, information and interesting stories about Mount Everest. I devoured this book and found out many things I did not know about the mountain.

The author, Sangma Francis, has created a non-fiction book that has a narrative style that will grip readers from the opening sentence: There is a place where a mountain grows. It sits cushioned between its sisters…  I read it in one sitting, however, the contents page also allows readers to dip in and out of sections to find the information they need.

Lisk Feng’s illustrations are detailed yet muted and do not detract from the words on the page but enhance them. Images throughout add to the mythical and mystical feel of the mountain and the stories it holds.

Teachers will find this book an excellent resource for teaching as there are clear links to the national curriculum. Children in upper KS2 will enjoy finding out facts with an adult or on their own and even the most avid Everest fan will learn something new.

Sangma Francis has structured the book well, as it starts below the mountain and rises up to the summit as each section progresses. Small chunks of text make this easy to read however, these are interspersed with longer stories of the myths and legends which surround Everest.

I was gripped by this book and have already recommended it to children and colleagues.