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The Eleventh Trade

Authored by Alyssa Hollingsworth
Published by Piccadilly Press

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I love this book. It is simply written, but the genius of it comes in the topic and how it draws children (especially boys) into the story through commonality with the protagonist and then transports them into a different world. As an educator, I feel so grateful to the author for caring enough about the topic to write this book, and then for caring enough about reluctant readers to start with things they find appealing. It’s a fantastic choice for helping children who are stuck in a rut to read more widely.

The Eleventh Trade begins with the familiarity of football, friendships and school and then develops into a story of survival, love and understanding. By the time I got to the middle, I couldn’t put it down. 

PS the author’s note at the end is as important as the story – encourage children to read this too! 

Winner of The UKLA Book Award 2020. You will find many award winning books in our book selections. Please visit our Bookshop or contact us, if you have specific requests.