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Everything you Need for a Treehouse

Authored by Carter Higgins
Illustrated by Emily Hughes
Published by Chronicle Books

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Everything you Need for a Treehouse is stunning, magical and fantastical. Emily Hughes and Carter Higgins have managed, in this elegant and hopeful picturebook, to delve into the child’s playful mind.

The story takes the reader from the start of treehouse creation through the numerous possibilities for what it can become. Sprinkled amongst the possibilities, the reader is instructed on the logistics of building the treehouse, ‘start with blueprints to sketch, a hammer to hit, some nails and a saw’. The poetic nature of the language is what adds the lyrical majesty to this book. It transforms it from an instruction manual to a realm of possibilities. The stunning images serve to extend the fantasy, while also taking children and adults on a journey around different settings.

Alongside this, the reader has the added pleasure of encountering elements of nature,  possibly not yet encountered: ‘begonias’ and ‘zinnias’.

As an adult, this book has stimulated a sense of nostalgia and reminded my teacher bones of the beauty, wonder and opportunity that comes from getting back into the woods or forest and playing within nature.

Everything you Need for a Treehouse would make a perfect supplementary text alongside Wild, which is a unit in our Take One Book teaching sequence resource and also illustrated by Emily Hughes. A good comparative text is What the Tree Saw and for more beautiful books about trees, we have a pack of 5 stunning titles in our Tree Collection, available from our online bookshop.