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Fantastically Great Women Who Made History

Authored by Kate Pankhurst
Illustrated by Kate Pankhurst
Published by Bloomsbury

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Fantastically Great Women Who Made History is a beautiful book – a fantastically illustrated book detailing the lives of significant women in history.

The illustrations in this book are fabulous, bringing warmth, humour and detail to every page. The book is organised into double-paged spreads for each of the 13 women featured. Some names are familiar to me such Boudicca and Pocahontas, but many others, I am embarrassed to say, that I hadn’t heard of. I think the author, Kate Pankhurst, did well to select women from a good variety of different cultures and periods, and they go down in history for many various reasons.

I can honestly say that I learnt something new about every one of these thirteen inspirational ladies. I enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover. Still, I also look forward to dipping back into the book to remind myself of the achievements of particular characters when needed. This book is part of series by Kate Pankhurst that celebrates women including Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World and Fantastically Great Women Scientists.

This book could be used in school in so many ways: the illustrations are so inviting it is a must for all school libraries and classrooms (lower KS2 in particular). As the book is about women, I do think the book would appeal to girls more than boys, but I think the pictures and short sections of text have universal appeal.

There could be some great assemblies using the information from this book, and it could be used for topic work and PSHE. I will lend my copy to individual girls who have low aspirations, as it fits so well with our Growth Mindset approach, as it is so inspirational.

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