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Fig Swims the World

Authored by Lou Abercrombie
Published by Stripes Publishing Limited


Fig Swims the World is a young adult book and a great read by Lou Abercrombie. I certainly learnt lots about the world of swimming, whilst getting to know the character of Fig. Every year Fig Fitzherbert’s Mum (Mubla) sets her a New Year’s Resolution. This year, she has booked acting lessons for Fig to help her overcome her stage fright. However this January,  Fig decides to start setting resolutions for herself, and her first one will change her life for ever.

Lemony Fitzherbert (know to her friends as Fig) is fifteen and although brilliant at many things, including maths and making lists, she feels that she is always a disappointment to her overbearing Mum. To try and conquer her fears and show Mubla that she can achieve things, she sets herself the challenge of completing twenty swims across six continents in 365 days; but first she needs to learn to swim! Join Fig on an adventure of a lifetime as she meets new friends, visits new places and tries to stay one step ahead of her family as they search for the runaway. Will she complete the challenge and what will she learn about herself and her place in the world along the way?

The descriptions of the swims really helped me understand the stamina and skill needed to complete each swim, although it didn’t make me want to do them personally! The relationships between characters were warm and honest and carefully explored the themes of friendship and family. The range of text type within in the book, such as lists and social media conversation, amongst the prose, would really appeal to the target audience and I liked the chapters being organised around the swims.

Overall, I would recommend Fig Swims the World to young adult readers looking for a good read.