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Fixer The Robot

Authored by John Kelly
Illustrated by John Kelly
Published by Faber & Faber

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Fixer The Robot comprises kindness, selflessness, and helping your friends; three key attributes that are important for children, especially those in their first years of reading. This wonderful tale follows our hero, Fixer as he journeys around his home looking for his friends and seeing if they need any help. Quickly he stumbles across his first friend, Dug the Digger, but Dug has broken his new spade. Quick as a flash Fixer is there to help fix the spade and leaves Dug to his work.

A short while later Fixer finds Bull the dozer. Bull’s battery is running low, and he can’t complete his job. Without a second thought for himself, Fixer swaps out his battery for Bull’s and Bull continues his job.

Fixer continues his journey around his mechanical world, helping where he is needed and ensuring everyone is happy and safe. However, Fixer ends up helping everyone else so much he ends up in a lot of trouble himself. Trapped, unsure what to do and slowly losing his courage Fixer needs his friends to come to his rescue before it is too late.

This fantastic story by John Kelly is a life lesson in kindness, teamwork and helping others and has many themes and morals that are ideal for investigating in the home and the classroom. The characters are bright and engaging with unique, characteristics and personalities and are very lovable. This could quickly become a staple of any good picturebook collection.