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Geoffrey Gets the Jitters

Authored by Nadia Shireen
Illustrated by Nadia Shireen
Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK


Geoffrey is feeling ok, but he begins to get a jitter when he can’t quite imagine what is happening the next day. He then begins to worry about his friendship with Barbara (who we all know and love). And what happens when Geoffrey imagines dinosaurs with laser eyes destroying the world? Well, even more jitters.

While Geoffrey takes a break in a favourite hiding spot, he begins to calm down and he asks how he can make his jitters go away. Amazingly, they tell him to take deep breaths and to stretch. When that helps, Geoffrey decides to take further action and grabs a jitter. He can read what worry was causing this particular jitter and can then find ways to cope.

Something brilliant that Geoffrey does is talk to his friend Barbara. While we live in what could be classed as a mental health crisis, we need to be incredibly mindful of our children of all ages. By introducing the concept of worries, jitters and wobblers, we also begin to build resilience, perseverance and coping strategies for any difficult situations they may encounter. By helping children to understand their emotions and feelings we are building a stronger society for the future.

Nadia’s books have this ability to put you in the characters shoes and to understand and relate to their feelings. I also love the idea of calming down by blowing out the candles like an ancient tortoise! Geoffrey Gets the Jitters is suitable for young children from years upwards.

Longlisted for the Jhalek Prize 2024

Selected for the Empathy Lab 2024 Collection

Selected for Empathy Lab 2024 Collection