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Hello Lighthouse

Authored by Sophie Blackall
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Published by Orchard Books

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Hello Lighthouse is slice of nostalgia. Lighthouses have always held a romantic, old fashioned charm. Now mostly unused, some children genuinely are unaware of their purpose or history. This beautiful book from Sophie Blackall changes that and provides them with an insight into the building that, ‘stands at the edge of the world and is built to last forever.’

The illustrations have an old fashioned edge, appearing to be drawn in coloured pencil. They are clear and well presented. There is no futurist animation or computer copy print here. With beautiful cross-sections of the lighthouse providing an insight into how people lived in them, this is as much non-fiction as fiction, and the book is sure to become a bedtime story favourite that inspires many trips to the seaside.

Storms, shipwrecks, snow and births are all part of life in the lighthouse for the keeper and his wife, and this is a real story of hope and hardship that goes some way to helping adults and children alike imagine what life may have been like.

This is perfectly placed for children of 4-7 years to be read to, but also to be enjoyed by older readers that can access the text independently and draw comparisons to stories such as The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat. Pick up a copy of Hello Lighthouse and let it light your way.