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Hello, Mister Cold

Authored by Carles Porta
Published by Flying Eye Books

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Hidden far away between tall mountains lies a secret valley, where one day a stranger arrives.

Maximilian Cold lives in a big town and to the horror of his wealthy, ambitious and cold family, wants to play the trumpet. He joins The Band but doesn’t really fit in with the kind of music, and so he leaves and having also been thrown off the train finds himself lost in the mountains.

Having slipped down a deep, dark tunnel, he finds himself in an extraordinary land, where he meets even stranger creatures such as ‘a ballerina with the head of an onion’ and Yula on her way to music practice. There are many misunderstandings to sort out, but can Maxi’s love of music convince the town that he is not a monster?

This book is part of the Tales from the Hidden Valley series and allows children to enter a fantastical land, where strange creatures live. I think it would be great for younger children who like imaginative worlds or indeed playing the trumpet! There are lots of made-up music words for the sounds the instruments make such as ‘TINK-LIN-TINK-LIN-TOOO’ and slow music such as ‘SOOOOM-SWEEEE-FISSSS-HOO-FIZ-OOOMMM’ and so it could used as part of work on sounds and instruments. Overall a good book to share with children as a class read.