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Help! We Need A Story

Authored by James Harris
Illustrated by Mariajo Ilustrajo
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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Help! We Need A Story is a lovely, crafted story with beautiful illustrations throughout.

It’s a dull day in the jungle and Artie the macaque’s friends are bored, bored, BORED!
But with paper, pens and ink, a splash of inspiration, and a pinch of imagination,
Artie creates something magical…a book! Filled with hordes of zombie hens, a fire-breathing dragon and robot sharks, Artie’s newly created book busts the friends’ boredom, and the next day they can’t wait to do it all over again. It will help children in your classroom feel inspired by the animals creating their own stories and will encourage them to use their own imaginations and create their own stories.

This captivating tale takes readers on an adventure filled with humour, heart, and the power of storytelling. In a time when storytelling seems to be losing its magic, this book serves as a timely reminder of its enduring significance. Children from birth to lower Key Stage 2 will enjoy this story about the power of storytelling. I am looking forward to sharing this book with children at school, knowing that it will spark their own creativity in inspiring them to create and write their own stories with the friends around them.