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How To Make A Book

Authored by Becky Davies
Illustrated by Patricia Hu
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

How To Make A Book: Teachers and librarians often get asked how a book is made by young, budding authors and illustrators. Perhaps they believe it to be a simple process of sending your book to a major publishing house and seeing finished copies the next week or maybe they know that it is a lengthy and in-depth process. Whatever that baseline knowledge, this book will open eyes to the world of becoming published.

How To Make A Book begins with an idea which then gets developed, written, re-written and shared. Some books stop there after too many rejections while others find their way to agents, publishers and the journey beyond. It is quite fascinating to see the steps and time that are built into making a book.

This is a cleverly crafted book as the book itself is the subject of the story. The author has an idea to create a book about how to do just that. We see the author as the main character as she navigates the journey to publication. There is plenty of cheering and biscuits alongside some tough decisions and waiting times.

An illustrator must be found, the font must be chosen and the layout agreed. Everyone will have an opinion and these may not always align. The same publishing team creating the book also have the task of selling it around the world and the book actually accrues thousands of miles from start to finish.

Marketed for young readers, this informative book will allow hopeful creatives to see inside the world of publishing, perhaps aspiring them to work within the industry and to be part of a book’s journey. It would be a great book to share in classrooms in KS2, perhaps asking what the students know before reading. I would be interested to know what surprised them about the steps taken or time needed.

How To Make A Book  is a brilliant, colourful, informative, excellent book!