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I, Spy: A Bletchley Park Mystery

Authored by Rhian Tracey
Illustrated by David Dean
Published by Templar Publishing

I, Spy: A Bletchley Park Mystery: Bletchley Park is shrouded in mystery at the start of WWII. Robyn and her friends sense that something sinister is taking place amongst the amazing work of the code breakers and experience a thrilling adventure to uncover the truth.

I, Spy is an original and exciting book set in Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Robyn, Ned and Mary are children who live within the park and all have been given important jobs to support the war effort. There is a real atmosphere of secrecy and danger in this pacy tale. The children have to sign the official secrets act and have to be very aware of who they talk to about what they see and do. Robyn’s work is in looking after carrier pigeons, who played a vital role in carrying hidden messages, and she begins to suspect that one ‘agent’ in particular is up to no good. The friends set about trying to uncover the mystery and keep everyone safe.

Bletchley Park provides a fascinating backdrop to this WWII adventure story. The children are not entirely sure what is happening but they learn about messages and codes and meet key characters such as Alan Turing and Dilly Knox. It is fascinating to gain an insight into the use of pigeons and how they were also used by Buckingham Palace. For children studying this period of history this is an excellent book to include. The story is pacy and thrilling and many interesting details of life at the park are revealed.  This story is suitable for confident young readers. The characters are vivid and their relationships are realistic and caring. It is a story that would encourage discussion on many issues other than the war: friendship, difference, caring for pets, family dynamics. This story would be great to read aloud, study as a group or read as individuals. Children will enjoy the excitement of the mystery as it unfolds.