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If I Were Prime Minister

Authored by Trygve Skaug (translated by Rosie Hedger)
Illustrated by Ella Okstad
Published by Lantana Publishing

If I Were Prime Minister: If you asked a child in your class to tell you what they would do if they were Prime Minister, what do you think they would say? In this book, a young boy gives his ideas.

This book was originally published in Norway as Hvis Jeg Var Statsminister and has been recently translated into English by Rosie Hedger. In the book, a boy thinks about the job and what he would do differently if he was in charge. Some of the answers are the ones you might expect if you asked your own class, like the streets paved with trampolines or all children have extra screen time and a big bag of sweeties delivered to their door. However, some of the other ideas really get to the heart of what children see as being the issues today. For example, the boy says he would leave the Christmas lights on all year round ‘so it would never be scary walking home’ and wants to swop the water in the ocean for a kind that ‘gobbles up plastic and makes it disappear’. The boy also sees the value in play and feels that it should be a separate subject taught in school because ‘playing is for everyone, even for the people who have forgotten how’.’The cartoon illustrations really add to the text and there are reoccurring characters to spot, such as a cat and a dog, as well as the boy.

This book would be a great read aloud in KS1 class and even for older children in KS2 who perhaps are learning about democracy and rules. I am sure that it would stimulate really interesting discussions at any age and children would be keen to write their own versions about what they would do if they were Prime Minister.