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If You Come to Earth

Authored by Sophie Blackall
Published by Chronicle Books

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If You Come to Earth by Sophie Blackall is a book that will take you on a journey around the world.

A visually rich guide to the planet we live on. Each page tells the reader what things you can find and the wonders you may have missed. It is more than a narrative information story, it has a clear global awareness voice, as the author draws from her visits around the world speaking to many children.

Beautifully illustrated, children could spend hours taking in all the different elements. For those children who enjoy ordered pictures, they will get a lot of pleasure as a lot of thought has gone into their organisation on the page.  From visiting subjects such as invisibility to the roles of humans and animals, it covers a wide array of topics but keeps the reader engaged as it is not text-heavy.

If You Come to Earth promotes diversity through its representations of gender roles and ethnicity. It addresses basic human rights and would fit in well with any PSHE/SMSC focus on this area. This text would fit in well in a reading for pleasure book library, children would enjoy sitting together and spotting different elements, giving their opinions about what has been chosen and what they may also want to include.