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I’m Not Scared – A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Adventure

Authored by Britta Teckentrup
Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
Published by Prestel Publishing

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Little Hedgehog wakes up one morning to discover that Big Hedgehog isn’t there, so subsequently sets off on an adventure, determined not to be scared.

Thankfully, it is not long until Little Hedgehog is reunited with Big Hedgehog and they set off together for a picnic. They venture through the forest and although Little Hedgehog finds it a little scary, they distract themselves by whistling a happy song. This continues throughout the story – from a flock of birds to a sinister fox, from losing their food to being bathed in rising fog, from dangerous cars to losing their bearings – each time they find a way to be brave and to bring comfort to each other. When they finally meet their friend, Black Cat, Little Hedgehog pretends that it was never scared and they are finally able to make their way home.

I’m Not Scared – A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Adventure is a delightful story to share with children. To feel afraid is a natural feeling and this book reinforces not only that but encourages children to talk about things they find frightening and how they might deal with them. It is a gentle story of friendship with the most beautiful illustrations that capture the wonders of nature’s colours, textures and nuances.