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Ingenious Edie, Master Inventor of Tiny Town

Authored by Patrick Corrigan
Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan
Published by Flying Eye Books

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Edie lives on a tiny street, in a tiny town and is an inventor. Can she invent something to solve the biggest problem that the whole town is suffering from?

Edie loves being an inventor and is always coming up with new TOP SECRET gizmos and gadgets, without anyone’s help. One day, through her binoculars, she spots a very mischievous magpie who loves the shiny objects that are all over Tiny Town and starts stealing them all for himself. Edie jumps into action, but despite making lots of amazing contraptions it seems that even Edie can’t stop Magpie. Could working with her friends help? Might they be able to stop the Magpie’s burglary spree in the town and what will they do with the thief if they do catch him?

This story explores how working as a team may just solve a problem and I loved that the main protagonist was a very feisty female inventor. I also liked the front- and back-page spreads which showed a different view of Tiny Town.

I would recommend Ingenious Edie, Master Inventor of Tiny Town as a great read aloud for EYFS and KS1 as it speaks about friendship, determination and justice. It could be used alongside enhanced provision in a construction or small world play area to stimulate ideas and is a great way to show that anyone can be an inventor. I hope to read more adventures from Tiny Town in the future.

Nominated for the Spark Book Awards 2024 Picture Fiction for Early Readers Category