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Inside the Body: An extraordinary layer-by-layer guide to human anatomy

Authored by Joelle Jolivet
Illustrated by Joelle Jolivet
Published by Thames and Hudson

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Inside the Body: An extraordinary layer-by-layer guide to human anatomy: Doesn’t everyone love a flap book? Inside the Body is a large format book allows you to explore every system of the human body and opens up to almost being child size itself. The book begins by exploring the muscles, nerves, circulatory system and skeleton. It then focuses on individual organs and how the body works. I can imagine children huddled round the book on the carpet loving exploring each of the layers. The bold style of the illustrations ensures each different system stands out in its own right. It allows children to explore the differences between the male and human anatomy in a no-nonsense way.

I feel that the text is a little too small and can get lost in the impact of the illustration. This might make it more difficult to be shared within a group of children. As a class resource it is most suited to upper KS2 but parents might enjoy sharing it with children who have a passion for science. The language and style are also quite complex and introduces technical vocabulary such as hypothalamus and ventricular systole, which are quite beyond a primary science curriculum. So, teachers would need to carefully consider at what stage the book would be appropriate.  It would make a valuable resource to introduce these concepts when the adults feel the children are ready. For example, the book introduces reproduction. The book is full of fascinating information that I am certain would provide an excellent stimulus for further conversations with children.