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Isadora Moon and the New Girl

Authored by Harriet Muncaster
Illustrated by Mike Garton
Published by Oxford University Press

Isadora Moon is a very special little girl being half fairy and half vampire. Ava is a new girl at her school but is not very friendly. Isadora finds out why and helps her to settle and make friends.

Isadora Moon and the New Girl is part of a series of books based around Isadora’s life and friends. She is special and different and has a lovely circle of fun and supportive friends. They enjoy each other’s company and recognise each other’s special gifts. When Ava joins the class, they are all ready to welcome her and talk about their special toys. However, Ava is grumpy and unfriendly, pushing the children away and mocking their toys. Isadora tries to invite Ava to her party but cannot find the right moment until she meets her in the park. Here she realises that Ava is lonely and afraid of being bullied in school. Isadora ensures that Ava is welcome and they all enjoy her party together with every child bringing a special toy along.

Isadora Moon and the New Year is very suitable for newly confident readers of 6+. The story is charming and beautifully illustrated. The themes of friendship and kindness are strongly portrayed. The book starts with a lovely discussion page about how children welcome new members to their school. At the end of the book are pages of suggested activities and a quiz. Young readers will enjoy getting to know the characters within the series and developing their independent reading skills through familiarity and recognition. The concept of discussion pages would be very useful to groups of children talking about their reading and their feelings. This is a lovely book to include in library collections.