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Ivy Newt and the Swamp Dragons

Authored by Derek Kelly
Illustrated by Magda Brol
Published by Scallywag Press

Ivy and her friend Tom have an exciting, gripping adventure rescuing the swamp dragons from naughty ‘Trouble Ivy’ who is trying to create wicked versions of everything!

Ivy Newt and the Swamp Dragons is the next, exciting adventure in the Ivy Newt series. Ivy is a little witch who finds herself up in scrapes alongside her friend ‘Wolf Tom’! Together they solve problems, make friends and act bravely to save those they love. In this story they are delighted to see and visit the rare swamp dragons. The dragons are shy and gentle and Ivy and Tom are able to rescue a dragon trapped in the swamp. Later that day they are staying with Granny when Ivy has a bath and uses some old ‘Double Trouble Bubble Bath’! The bubble bath creates wicked versions of anything it touches, so a naughty version of Ivy takes the remaining bubble bath and sets off on a broomstick to cause mischief! She creates a wicked Tom, fierce swamp dragons and even a wicked King and Queen. Ivy, Tom and Granny head off to stop her. This is a very exciting adventure and Ivy is very lucky to have help from the dragon she has saved. She achieves her dream of flying on a dragon and together they save the day.

The story is very entertaining to read. The characters are amusing and very likeable. They all care for each other and their teamwork demonstrates great resourcefulness. Derek Kelly’s story is pacy with language used effectively to provide description and humour as well as being accessible to young readers. Details such as ‘Spider Toad Shampoo’ add to the humour and atmosphere. Magda Brol’s illustrations compliment the whole story with charming and comic effect. There are maps, portraits of key characters and lovely detailed illustrations of all the events. Children will have fun reading the story whilst studying the illustrations.

Scallywag Press have created a book that is enjoyable for little hands to hold. It is a story that can be read aloud and enjoyed with groups of children. They will be excited by the pace and adventures and entertained by the illustrations. Children can share the book and discuss the events. It is also an ideal story for young independent readers who will want to keep reading to find out how the dangers are overcome. This is a series that does not disappoint.