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Authored by L. D. Lapinski
Published by Orion

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Jamie is the latest story written by the author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency. It is about an 11-year old non-binary child who loves to spend time with their two best friends Daisy and Ash.

As Jamie comes to the end of their time at primary school, decisions have to be made by all the Year Six pupils. The choice facing the class is whether to attend St Joseph’s School for Boys or Queen Elizabeth’s High School for Girls. This is bad enough for Daisy and Ash who will have to go to different schools. But for Jamie, who identifies as non-binary, this is an impossible choice. It seems that nobody has thought about where Jamie and other non-binary pupils are going to go for secondary school. Jamie’s parents seem to have understood, but now even they are asking them to just tick the male or female box and Jamie doesn’t feel either are the right choice. So, Jamie, Daisy and Ash set out to raise awareness of the issue and try and sort out the choice of secondary schools. Jamie decides that asking the council to fly the non-binary flag would be a good start, but this ends in a rooftop protest. Will the friends be able to let everyone know how they feel and make changes that will help them stay together as friends?

As well as the story, at the end of each chapter, the book also contains Jamie Rambeau’s Guide to Words which explains some of the terms used in the book as well as giving extra information for the reader. For example, gender dysphoria and pronouns and information about the origins of Pride. It is sensitively written story and explores the issues that Jamie faces in language that is accessible for readers of eleven years upwards.