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Kevin the Vampire

Authored by Matt Brown
Illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino
Published by Nosy Crow Ltd

Kevin the Vampire is an hilarious, pacy novel that introduces us to Kevin and Susie and follows their wild and exciting adventure with monsters and very boring aunts!

Kevin and Susie both feel lonely and are looking for adventure and excitement in their lives. Kevin is a young vampire who is teased by his siblings because he can’t yet transform himself into a bat and Susie lives with her unkind Aunts in the most boring village of Lower Drudging. She longs for some fun.

The villagers of Lower Drudging live in terror of the monster living in the mountain. They fear that any noisy or exciting events will awaken the beast so all fun is prohibited! Kevin and his family are part of a magical travelling carnival who mistakenly end up in Lower Drudging. Excitement ensues and the beast awakes! Susie and Kevin work together to stop everything being destroyed.

Kevin the Vampire is enormous fun to read. Matt Brown’s story is witty and pacey. There is so much humour that will appeal to both children and adults. An adult reading this aloud to young children will certainly chuckle at the comments and descriptions. Flavia Sorrentino provides detailed, quirky illustrations that really capture the characters and events. There are maps to follow and a cleverly illustrated and presented Chapter 11!

This is a story that will really appeal to independent readers of 8+. Children will love the humour and adventure and will be swept up in the fast-moving pace of the story. This is also a novel that would be fun to read aloud. The events are exciting and many chapters end on cliff hangers to create added suspense. There are very positive themes running through the novel, themes of friendship, family love, accepting differences and the importance of tolerance. These would provide excellent opportunities for class or group discussions. It is good to note that this is the first in a series as children are going to be looking forward to reading more about Kevin, Susie and the Travelling Carnival.

Longlisted for the Spark Book Awards 2024 Picture Fiction for Readers Aged 7+ Category