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Kitty and the Tiger Treasure

Authored by Paula Harrison
Illustrated by Jenny Løvlie
Published by Oxford University Press

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Kitty and the Tiger Treasure does not disappoint. The cover promises cats, superheroes, and adventure; this story delivers exactly that.

Kitty, who has inherited her mother’s feline superpowers, embarks on a nighttime adventure, intent on investigating the legendary Golden Tiger Statue. But the investigation becomes a chase, and Cat-girl Kitty will need her devoted Cat Crew if she is to restore order by morning.

There is plenty of drama, four talking cats, a strong female lead and a pacey plot. It would be a good choice for libraries and classroom bookshelves as it has a wide appeal and is an uncomplicated read. Jenny Løvlie’s engaging illustrations, with their bold tiger-inspired colour scheme of orange and black, serve the text well. Their rich detail supports early readers’ understanding of the story.

The book opens with an introduction to Kitty’s Cat Crew; having studied this carefully to make sure I could distinguish between the four feline characters I was confused to find that only two of them appear. Two additional cats feature, one well-meaning and one villainous. I presume the others will emerge in later books, but it seems an unnecessary complication.

The section at the end, ‘Super Facts about Cats’, offers fascinating snippets such as the fact that cats’ nose ridges are as unique as human fingerprints. However, while a love for cats may well draw readers in, it will be the resourceful and adventurous Kitty who keeps the reader turning the pages of Kitty and the Tiger Treasure.

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